Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another year has flown by!

What? How is it possible that I am a mother of a 2 year old and a 1 year old?! As of November 20th and 21st, I will have 2 toddlers. My life is over as I know it! I don't even know how that is possible since I just graduated high school a couple of years ago! HA!
It still amazes me how much a child changes in one year. They go from being limp lugs that eat, cry, sleep, and poop to getting into EVERYTHING and still eating, crying, sleeping, and pooping. Although, the pooping gets worse...yuck!

Lilliana Mariposa~
She has the biggest attitude ever. She asserts her independence at every turn. She wants things her way and she wants them now, or else someone is going to pay. When she gets mad she throws things and thinks putting a blanket over her sisters head is funny. She speaks in small sentences now. She can tell me her basic wants and needs. She loves hugs and body slamming her sister. She is an attention getter and lives for pop music. She is the biggest Icee eater and loves cookies. Saying that she is overly obsessed with Dora and Diego is putting it mildly and if it weren't for those shows I would not have my sanity.
I remember the minute they let me hold her. Then I remember sleeping for what seemed like 12 hours, while Silva came to visit and took care of our child while us excellent parents slept. LMAO...I will never forget that! Or the fact that she looked exactly like my father-in-law. She is such an Angel....literally. I was so happy to get her out of me after 22 hours of labor that I didn't care if they pulled her out of my ass....that girl just needed to come out!
Lilli when she was born.

Lilli on her 1st birthday with her Fairy Godmother.

My bratty 2 year old.

We have videoed almost her whole entire life. I have become one of those people that shows strangers pictures of my child even if they don't care. She has changed so much in 2 short year. She is the highlight of my day and the reason why I want to pull my hair out. She is a Daddy's girl and loves her Blankie and Paci. She loves being outside and gives the biggest open mouthed kisses. She loves to dance and knows how to move her hips (yikes!). She has completely stolen my heart, patience, and every ounce of energy I have. I worry and wonder about what she will be like when she grows older. How many times she will fall in love and how I hope that she will be strong and follow her dreams. I want her to be opinionated, driven, and full of spunk. I want her to know her worth and that we will always love her no matter what she does. Happy 2nd birthday baby girl. You are a gift from God and make every day of my life just that much sweeter!

Isabella Elizabeth ~

Now on to the 1 year old. It's funny that my sister posted a picture of Miguel, Lilli, and I on Lilli's 1st birthday and captioned it as: Yep, that's a happy family! Adding another daughter in 15 days (or less as Jennifer would like). 
What a fluke that the very next day I would go to the OBGYN and they would say - "Um, we are sending you to deliver today, you have preclampsia." I remember crying first for the baby's sake, then thinking - Oh, Lord - they are going to hate me for having their birthdays so close. Then I thought, my mom is going to kill me because she wanted a pay day in between their birthdays. That was one of the worse and best days of my life. It's amazing how so many emotions you can go through in the matter of 12 hours. My blood pressure was out of control 200/180 (so stroke level). They took me in to deliver via c-section, only to have to postpone it 8 hours because my dumb ass ate was I supposed to know that she was going to come that day?! She was supposed to cook for another 2 weeks! 
I thought for sure that I would have another 8 pounder..maybe more - however, I gave birth to a very tiny, 6 lb 2 ounce baby girl that was in the NICU for 7 days. I got to hold her in recovery and then I didn't get to see her for 24 hours (due to the blood pressure issues). Seeing her all hooked up was one of the hardest things I have had to endure. She was so small and was poked and prodded and she was perfect. She looked like her sister with the dark hair (all over her body, holy monkey), the Angel hands, and she was just so small. 
I should have known that she would be the neediest, clingiest, life sucking child anyone could have that first time I saw her in that incubator. She is my right hip...literally. I don't even know how she has already managed to learn how to walk 2 steps due to always being held and loved on. She had colic for 4 1/2 months and at the worse of worse moments, when I hadn't slept in 3 days and all she did was cry, I thought - I would do anything for this child. 

The day she was born:

 Doing what she loves best.....eating

My big girl on Halloween!

She has always and will always loved to be held, hugged, and kissed. She giggles with her whole body, she can and will eat absolutely EVERYTHING. She is super tiny (for our standards) and is not fearful of any animal. She tortures our dog and me every chance she can get. I honestly believe that if she could crawl into my belly and hang out for the 2 weeks that she got shafted on she would.

What amazes most about her, is in all my worry about how small she was and the rough start she had, she has grown and surpassed all of my expectations. She has started walking (granted only 2 steps then she gets scared) and babbles with the best of them. 
She is for sure going to be my soft-hearted Mommy's girl for the rest of her life. She will be the first to cry, tattle tell, and brown nose. She plays "shy" around strangers and it melts my heart. I have held her for more hours then she has been alive, first inside my belly and then for almost every single minute she has been alive. She is beautiful and a little shit. She gets into everything and isn't afraid of anything. She has gone from having a full head of hair and hairy body, to bald with cradle cap, to a mullet. She looks much more like me then I thought was possible with Hubbs strong mexican swimmers. But she is the joy of my day. 
She makes me smile about 1000 times a day. I get to sing her to sleep at least once a day. She fits so perfectly to my side, I often wonder how I walk around on my own. She is my life's one miracle. From being so tiny and small, needing help to breath to being a terror on 2 feet. I hope that she doesn't turn into the biggest brat in the world and becomes her own person. I wish she would sleep longer then 8 hours and if not, then that she would learn to play in her crib until 7 am. 
I know that she will do good for this Earth. She will be my free loving, hippy child. That runs around without shoes on, rescuing every stray animal in our neighborhood. I hope that her curiosity takes her tons of places and that she doesn't have a problem with telling people, "No." I know that she has the biggest heart and will give herself 110% to every challenge that appears. 
She is my fighter and inspiration. Happy 1st birthday sweetness.
"And though she be but little, she is fierce." -Shakespeare

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