Sunday, September 23, 2012

Books, books, books!

Many of you know that I read lots of books and lots of smut. I have read the series 50 Shades of Grey 2 times and I probably will again before the year is out. I have several others that I love and updates that I get on by fb and email when my favorite authors release a new book. 

I am a complete sucker for a great romance with some sexy time scenes and have fallen in love with some new series.

The latest series that I have read (I started it yesterday) is The Whiskey series from Liliana Hart. There are 2 so far in the series with the 3rd not coming out until next summer. I was not very happy to find out about that but too bad I guess....Any way, Liliana Hart usually writes really steamy (very very smutty) books. She has a couple of romantic comedies but most are pretty hot. I stumbled upon Whiskey Rebellion and it promised many laughs with some romance. Since I got Amazon gift cards for my birthday - I had no problem spending some money on a book that had good reviews. 

Now, I have to say - I have a soft spot for Janet Evanovich - however, I hate that Stephanie Plum dances around sex with Morelli and Ranger. I just wish that there was more sex...come on Janet - I know that Stephanie sleeps with both of them but out of almost 20 books it's only a handful of times. I still love her writing and crack up while reading it. Hubbs often looks at me like I am deranged for laughing about Gma Mazur but come on that old bag is hilarious!

Back to topic at hand - this series is much like the Stephanie Plum series, but Addison is a history teacher turned stripper turned private investigator. It is a hilarious read and there is sex in it - not nasty descriptive sex, but sex like a normal person would have. There are 2 leading men - one a cop and one an FBI agent and she even has an overweight teacher friend who helps her out at times. I absolutely loved the 2 books. In order they go Whiskey Rebellion and Whiskey Sour. Mrs. Hart is writing a third book but it isn't due out until June 2013. That kinda bummed me out, I thought that maybe she could shoot one out every 4 months or so - but I guess not! She does have some really good series out about brothers. She also has another book All About Eve - it's a romantic book and isn't a series. It's nice to just read one book and have it start and end in the book that you are reading!

Anyway - for those of you that like smut - I would love to hear what your favorite authors are. My friend suggested I read Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling (Rice) That is downloaded and I will be starting it tonight! I shall let you know how it goes!!


  1. i definitely LOL at the stephanie plum books too. i have to get more of them, i've only read a couple. i love the grandma, too!!!! LOL

  2. Oh, also, Anne Rice has some other similar books that you might like - The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. I haven't read them yet though, so I can't tell you if they are good or not. I needed a break! LOL.