Monday, September 3, 2012

Juicing, Smoothies, and Cleaners - OH MY!

Since I will be celebrating my 31st birthday, in 6 short days - I have decided to start living better - so that I can live longer!
My good friend let me borrow her juicer to see if it was something that I could even work let alone have the time to do. I went to Blocks and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies - which didn't cost all that much - (hate to see how much the grocery bill is going to be in the dead of winter) thanks to Block's cheap prices!
My first attempt at juicing and making that juice into a smoothie was somewhat trying. The juicer I used was the Black and Decker one. It's around 30 dollars at Walmart. It was easy to use and somewhat easy to clean. (The actual grinder/shredder thingy was kinda a bitch) I juiced a handful of kale, romaine, and 2 apples. I threw that juice into my new smoothie maker machine along with 6 strawberries and a half of banana. The concoction was a dark green with strawberry seed floating. (Oh - I put about a cup of ice in it too - duh smoothie) It wasn't as thick as I thought it should be and I could taste the kale but overall it was a decent first try. That was my lunch. I have decided to juice for breakfast or lunch three times a week. I was full after drinking it and I didn't get an upset belly or anything.
For tomorrow I am going to try something with beets and carrots. My cousin said those were good sweeteners. So wish me luck that I get some extra vitamins and make things that I love to drink. I hope that the girls learn to love this stuff too! Anything to get my girlies healthy and full of energy!

Hubbs went off to work complaining about how oily my body cleanser is, I guess he almost slipped and broke his neck trying to get out of the tub. So I said - friend April cleans with stuff out of her cabinets - lets see if I can find a recipe. So I found this website:

And it listed 2 cleaners - one (second one) of which I had the ingredients - well almost all of the ingredients...I used apple cider vinegar instead of regular and table salt as substitute for sea salt. I have to say the recipe that I made which did not require a whole lot of ingredients was enough to make to clean 2 bathrooms. I was able to clean our bathroom and the girls bathroom in no time! I didn't have to put a bunch of elbow grease into it either!! It was actually easier to use then a magic eraser...which is saying a lot because I have somewhat become addicted those things.
I should have taken pictures of this crap and will remember to next week when I clean the bathrooms again! I suggest that you make this and use it because it works great and is super cheap!!!


  1. i love juicing :) was it jackie that lent you her juicer? i am going to start posting some recipes on my blog maybe you can try some and let me know what you think! :) did you see my post a while ago about my juicer? robbie got it for me for my bday and it is awesome. also the join the reboot webiste is a good resource for recipes. :)

  2. Yep! It's Jackie's juicer. I have been juicing every other day and I really like it. I don't know if I will be able to sub a meal a day but I am trying! I would never be able to eat all the crap that I put in one drink - so I am getting something extra...only problem that I am having is trying to get Lilli to drink it! She doesn't really drink juice as it is. She tried one and cried! I will have to read your old post! Thanks :)