Thursday, September 20, 2012

Healthier mommy..means smaller pant size!

So, it is September...only 10 days left of it and I have been eating better and exercising since June. So that's 3 solid months of trying to build a better me.

It has been a real battle. Some weeks (period weeks) I eat everything in sight and have such hunger. There have been weeks that I have gained. {which makes me feel like shit sometimes..} I am not going to act like I have lost ever week, because I haven't. The most I gained one week was 2 pounds. There was recently 2 weeks in a row that I gained. It is so incredibly easy to fall off the wagon and start eating junk. I absolutely LOVE sweets...but it's really about portion size. I have been eating a handful of m&ms every night in bed while I read. I still lost 4 1/2 pounds this week. But notice I said a handful - not the entire fraking bag. I could seriously put away food without even noticing!

However, through this wonderful journey of becoming an adult I have found that the better eat, the better I feel.

I wish I would have taken a before and after picture in a tight outfit, but I am too damn busy with wiping kid's asses and cleaning up after fat Corgi's to remember that kind of crap. But here is a picture of me at my heaviest...244 and one of me on my birthday 221...currently I am at 219 1/2 and I haven't been under 220 in I don't even know how long!!!


I am currently wearing a size 18 -  I can fit into a 16 but if I sit down I have the beloved muffin top from hell. The green shirt is a large but I still feel comfortable in a XL...It's really hard to get used to wearing different sizes. Much harder then I thought it would be. 

Along for the ride on this journey of healthy living, I have had the pleasure of being with my 2 best friends. Hubbs and Nana have been trying to get healthy along with me. Hubbs started it and then Nana and I grabbed onto his shirt tails after kicking and screaming, while licking donut glaze off of our fingers. They have both done wonderful and I can't believe how different they look!

Hubbs before:

Hubbs after:

Nana before:

Nana after:

I think that all of our transformations have been incredible and I can't believe how fat all of our faces were at one point!! Now we are all looking good and much onto a few more pounds to loose and a few more babies to have -well at least for me..Nana is almost at her goal weight and she will work on maintaining her weight and Miguel is still working on losing...I am the only one planning on gaining some back for the time being (don't worry the product will be worth the weight gain...but not until next year!)

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  1. AWESOME!!!! congratulations!!! :-D

    have you ever tried those WW ice cream bars? they are awesomeness. LOL.