Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Protective covers...worth the cost?

Oh, so Hubbs is a HUGE cover buyer when it comes to electronics. Um, me? Not so much. I don't like how they feel and they often obstruct my comfort (what ever the hell that means). That's usually what I say to get him off my back about putting my cover on my phone. (Hence, the scratches on the edges from being dropped outside!)
Any who - Hubbs bought me a new MacBook Air for my 31st birthday (wow - I know AWESOME gift alert!!) I was joking one day that he could buy me one for my birthday...maybe next year I should ask for an R8 (oh, Mr. Grey!) So he bought me this beautiful new toy along with a cover. A pink, satin cover. I love pink or anything remotely girlie. So I put the cover on gripping that it made my wrists uncomfortable when I typed (WHAT?) So, the other day while I was making a bottle, holding baby on hip, and trying to get Lilli a snack I was NOT watching what Lilli was doing at the table. I look over and she has a screwdriver "drawing" on my laptop!!! OMfraking God! I almost shit a brick. But turns out that my cover saved it! I did have to get another cover - but that is so worth the 50 bucks!!! I could have had my laptop scratch all to high hell by my loving and cute (wanted to beat her at that moment) child.
Word of advice: buy the damn cover!

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  1. wow....score 1 point (or 10, or 100) for your husband! i'd say he was right on that one. :-) LOL.

    also, i hate covers too!!!!!