Monday, February 3, 2014

Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken

I seriously don't know why I never thought of this sooner, but it is something that I will be making either every week or every other week. I cook a lot. I mean A LOT. It saves us tons of money and though by husband would love to eat out everyday with only one income it's just not financially possible. I love making recipes from scratch - not super complicated ones.

We eat tons of chicken. Chicken chop suey, Crescent Chicken, Salad with chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken. There have been many nights in a row that I do the same thing. I thaw out 1 or 2 chicken breasts cut them up and cook them in the pan. The same FREAKING WAY. Why in the hell didn't I think to make a big batch of chicken one time a week and use it throughout is beyond me.

It all started with this recipe from David Venable of QVC for chicken pitas. It called for already cooked rotisserie chicken and I happen to buy some herb pitas that week. So I stuck 2 frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot for 3 hours on high with Adobo and Rotisserie seasoning and made my own! This Sunday I bought a family pack of chicken at Meijer and cooked the whole entire pack with the same seasoning for 3 hours on high. It came out PERFECT! Now I have a half of gallon bag of chicken that is already to go. I have already had a chicken salad sandwich (I am a little obsessed with them right now) and we will be having chicken salads and crescent chicken this week. If I have some left I am going to make chicken soup too! I don't know why in the world it's taken me 8 years of cooking on my own to do this but it has!

Sorry I don't have any pictures but it's kinda self explanatory!

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