Saturday, March 22, 2014

Time slipping by...

Life has a way of getting away from you. One minute you are holding your head while sobbing, "Isn't it bedtime yet?"The next, you are up at 6:30 a.m. with just the dogs cleaning, making breakfast and dinner (in the crockpot), and thinking you only have 23 more days until chaos completely erupts and when you welcome your last child into the world. Really? Where the hell has the last year go?!

I try to picture our lives 3 months from now and I can see a some what organized disorganization going on. I see 30 minute gymnastic classes taking all day preparation for kid drop off at Nunna and Papa's to make it on time for that small amount of time where my kid gets to do some structured sport. Then comes the gymnastics day that does not include drop off at Nunna and Papa's. Yeah - that day where I take the 2 youngest ones with me for the oldest ones 30 minute class. That days going to be hectic - but I hope that will just make it fly by.

I picture lots of crying and screaming over toys, while I am "shhhhhhing" in my loudest whisper because Lucy is sleeping and if they wake her up I am going to just kill them. (More like give them something to watch or paint because Mama ain't got time for all that drama.)

I picture me actually having 45 minutes of me time when I can get back to running. This will be my refuge. Being just by my lonesome and pounding the pavement to help me keep up with these 3 monsters that will be controlling my life.

I picture actually being able to hug my hot, sexy husband because I won't have a basketball in the way!! I can't wait for sexy time!!!! (sorry, mom)

I picture lots of first, seconds, and oh, Lord! not agains. Ex: Lucy rolling over, me yelling at the girls for trying to roll on top of Lucy, the girls asking for the 1,456 time, "Mama can I see Lucy's poop?"

I picture Rascal herding yet another one of our family members where he wants them to be, while rolling his eyes at how dumb we are.

I picture Charlie being sweet as pie with our girls. Still scared of Miguel. And loving me every bit she can.

I picture lots of sleepless nights. Tons.

The one thing I can't picture is being unhappy with this crazy life we've built. I have things I've never dreamt about.

I can picture myself becoming so emotional I break into tears all the time (I blame that on the Jerry Wrobel gene.)

As I hold Thing #2, who just woke up crying but instantly fell asleep on my shoulder

 I feel the pain of my body screaming - stop holding a 25 lb kid when you have a 6 lb kid in your belly! But I feel the love that spirals from their bodies to mine. Wait, maybe that's gas….Whatever it is - it feels good. The type of good you can get addicted to.

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