Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Balancing Act

So, my second week didn't go so well - I did fine during the week, while I was at home eating food that I have bought specifically to be healthy and good. However, I went out lunch at Greektown (holy brownie sundae from Coldstone) and then went in the same week to Mongo and had a delish dessert at Bailey's. Second week stats - (I have switched to weighing in on Saturday mornings) is +1. I was actually not really bummed about it.

I ate like shit those two day - and believe me my body let me know (oye, porcelain bowl). For how much I trash I ate, I was surprised that I only gained one pound. Total stats thus far = -6...which is better then I could ask for after 2 weeks of life changing eating. I really do enjoy eating better, even though I think the roughage is going to kill me. Today I started having more energy and did more around the house then I have since Isabella was born. (If you don't count the frantic cleaning that happens before someone comes over.)

I do have to say - it's a bitch not being able to eat all the sweets I want. I have become addicted to FF cool whip and sugar free jello. Together they are 0, count them - 0 points! I think I could basically live off of that shit. It amazes me how much crap there is to buy and eat out there. What the hell are we filling up our bodies with? And really - that cereal bar is how many freakin points? Are you for real...that's why that shit is so good. I have amazed myself and gotten used to drinking Pepsi Max...I even ordered a Diet Pepsi at Taco Bell the other day....I am slowly becoming my mother...great - (no offense Nana)

I bought a new pair of running shoes and I am going to start walking/running (Lord knows my ass won't be running the whole time) around the track near our house. The ideal situation would be to exercise every day...but who the hell am I kidding...some days just making it to bed time is like going through a triathlon. Bells has been only getting up once a night for the past week so that might help me out a little bit. I dream of the night that she sleeps the entire night...will that ever happen? Not likely anytime soon. Until then, I shall drink some caffeine and hope Hubbs gets home in time for me to relax a little.

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  1. i love these posts - you are hilarious! i am very happy for you that you are taking on this challenge. crossing they abyss of just deciding to do it is one of the hardest parts! also, i agree that it is amazing how many points things are!!!! cripes.

    did you hear about the personal trainer that ate really unhealthy and lived an unhealthy lifestyle for a certain amount of time, just so he could see what it was like for his clients that came to him for help? it was interesting! here is the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/24/drew-manning-personal-trainer-gains-weight-on-purpose_n_1029076.html