Saturday, June 16, 2012

First week of new eating..

So, the first week has some what flown by....I thought that I was going to give in the first day and I was having a really hard time. I usually eat whatever I want, whenever I want to. However, I was determined to lose weight and I was being too strict and not eating "real" food. I guess I could exist on WW food but then I wouldn't be able to eat at other people's houses or when we go out. The third day I got a little excited and weighed myself and the scale said that I lost 5 pounds...that was very encouraging :) So encouraging, that I was doing the victory dance in the kitchen thought about what else I could do to make my goal. Things got easier, however the fourth day I was starving but filled up on veggies and had a couple of extra treats. It didn't help that I got a visit from Aunt Flo this week - which multiplies my hunger by 7 million. I think that switching to Pepsi MAX really helped because I wasn't wasting calories on pop, but still got my caffeine rush that is needed for me to function daily on my four hour of sleep a night.

(I have to admit that I would brib this kid with ponies, puppies, and a brand new car at 16 if she would sleep through the night...but you aren't supposed to brib them right? I would only be able to give her puppies I guess I won't lie to her)

So I am supposed to weight in tomorrow since that will be one week, but I got excited today and weighed myself this morning. Yes, I was wearing my pjays and I didn't get naked...although that might have taken off a couple of more ounces. But my blinds were open in our bay window and although my crazy psycho neighbor records out his front window, I don't think that he really wants to get my white ass on camera. So total weight lost this week was....drum roll please! 7 pounds!! Now, the reason why I weighed myself this morning was because at lunch time I was allowing myself to use all of my "extra" points for lunch with Silva. So - I don't know how much I am sabotaging myself, however, I will still probably weigh myself again tomorrow just to see how much that lunch cost me. -Which, now that I type that ... I realize that if I didn't weigh myself until tomorrow I would never know how much I was sabotaging I will know for sure...what a dumb ass I am!

I had a greek salad with chicken and 2 pieces of bread. Which wasn't so horrible, however, the Coldstone brownie sundae afterwards...blew my "extra" points outta the - it was delish! I have to admit though, that after I ate that lush brownie sundae - I was in the bathroom for about 10 minutes...chanting - Why did I eat that? Why did I eat that? I won't do it again...I won't do it again.

So, I am surprising myself by saying that I will be going into week 2 with a smile on my face and determination in my heart to get healthy and off these damn BP pills....oh, and my pants fitting better is an added bonus! Watch out regular women's size I come - although the plus size has been good to me my whole life, but old ass women's clothing isn't cutting it anymore and Lane Bryant is too friggin expensive now that I am a SAHM!

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