Sunday, June 10, 2012

First day...and I am ready to punch someone in the face!

So, I was ready to go and start my diet (new way of eating...blah blah blah). I had some cereal and fruit and was on a roll...then around 10 am - I was ready to eat everything  in the house and was already thinking about going off the diet....LMAO - I called Miguel and said - I can't do's too hard and too time consuming to figure out how many points something is and then count them.....did you know that one can of regular pop is 2 points?!! OMG...I am switching to Pepsi MAX. I can't stand diet pop but I can deal with the MAX stuff. Needless to say at lunch time I had the most of my points because I was starving and ready to smack the goldfish pretzels out of Lilli's hands and inhale an entire bag of them. I have had so much fruit today, I am sure that the enamel on my teeth will erode leaving me with brown teeth that are sensitive as all get out. I will be skinny but I will have bad it worth it? lol
My mom said that I am being to hard on myself and that if I go over points then I will just lose weight slower...which sounds okay with me - as long as my ass is getting smaller...who cares about the time it will take to get there? Well here's hoping that tomorrow will be better...and that the cravings will lessen...and DAMN whoever thought it was a good idea to put candy at checkouts....they should have their asses kicked!

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