Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Loyal ROCK!

I have to say - when I started this little venture of a blog...and yes I'm not a dumb ass - I know it's only been a couple of months. (which is stretching it) I thought - well it will just be a place for me to vent about people who act like their lives are perfect while all the rest of us are going down in fucking flames, but I actually have a couple of readers! When I checked my little blog viewer thingy - it says I even have people who read it in Alaska and Europe! What the fuck?!! Who the hell wants to read about my life when Europeans have crazy wild unprotected sex and eat gourmet food at every meal? Yes - that is my opinion - not fact....well I just wanted to take a minute between wiping Bella's ass and stopping Lilli from playing in the toilet to say THANK YOU for taking a minute out of your day to read about my crazy ass life. I hope that it makes you smile and that you can relate your life to mine...and if you can't well - your probably better off anyway! :) Leave a comment if you have time - a little bit of encouragement can get my ass moving to post some more stories!! (Thanks Sarah!!)

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