Monday, February 27, 2012

Hubbs is on Weight Watchers...and I am watching my weight go up!ee

So, my Hubbs joined Weight Watchers about 3 1/2 weeks ago and has lost over 5 pounds!! Congrats Hubbs, congrats! I have made sure I am making things from scratch so that there isn't all the salt and preservatives in it, but I am buying him the frozen meals just to get him kick started. Plus, he usually gives himself just enough time to wash his ass, grab something from the freezer, then run off to work. (Mind you, he also got 2 tickets a couple of weeks ago for speeding!) OMG slow your ass down!!
Back to the weight I am so proud of him that he has lost over 5 pounds. I have made sure that we do not have cookies, ice cream, and all those tasty things in the house. I was all for grabbing on his coat tails and starting to lose weight too. That was, until I started my period - OMG....I have been having horrible cravings and could have killed someone yesterday for some rocky road ice cream, did I mention that I gave up caffeinated pop for lent. What the hell was I thinking? Oh, yeah - Jesus died for me, my fat ass could easily give up caffeinated pop. We I did great all week, drank lots of tea and water. And yes, people I realize there is caffeine in tea, I still need the caffeine, just not all the sugar. These kids usually let me sleep 4 or 5 hours a night. If I didn't drink some form of caffeine, I would probably pass out in the lazy boy and Lilli would have Bella in the toilet or something. 
So, yesterday we went out to lunch with a dear friend of mine who is getting married soon. I am in the wedding and Hubbs is DJing the shindig. I haven't seen her since my Pampered Chef party which was when I was 7 months pregnant and Bella is already 3 months. So we were driving to lunch as La Shish in Dearborn. Well, little did we know that the one we thought had reopened is no longer open and my friend was with her fiance at a different one across town. After a couple of phone calls and Hubbs asking what she saw around the restaurant we found out she was on the East side of Dearborn and we had about a 10 minute drive from where we were. Anyway - Hubbs - who usually drives like he is in the Indy 500 drove 5 under the entire way there. I was getting antsy about already being late, because he wanted to watch an episode of undercover boss, and the white in me HATES to be late. While the Mexican in him thinks 10 minutes late is really 5 minutes early. So I looked at him and said, "I really want to bust you in the face right now." He looked at me and said, "You need a pop." lmao...I really didn't realize how addicted to all the nasty, goodness that is in pop. I was jittery and wanted to slap the shit out of him all day. Until I got that pop. 
Now for all you catholics that are gasping, because yes I did have a pop...2 actually...but the rules of lent have changed and the Pope said that we can't have what we gave up on Sunday...and if you aren't going with the new trend - good for you - but keep your mouth shut about me, cause I'm gonna do it. Obviously, I am one weak ass individual if I could only stand 6 days without pop before I wanted to punch someone (namely Hubbs) in the face! 
Wow, once again - I have gone completely off topic - anyway. Watching and helping Hubbs go through this life change has become really hard for me. I never realized all the shit that I ate. I am hungry all the damn time. It doesn't help that I haven't grocery shopped in over a week and a half and we have nothing to eat in the house. And to top off all the hunger craze and thinking about when and what I will eat next, I have gained 2 pounds since I have had Isabella. Now - to make my fat ass feel better, I am still down 8 pounds from my pre-Lilli pregnancy weight - but come on now...can a fat girl get under 230?! Forget that- just get me to 235 and let me stay there. Damn...I feel like I have been the same weight since high school. And I wasn't thin in high school...not at all - On top of that, now that I have popped out 2 kids Mother Nature has done this really fucked up thing, she has shrunken my hips and ass into a smaller size jean, but she has given me this forsaken muffin top that sits so nicely on top of those smaller jeans. I have totally taken a liking to "mom jeans" and I realize the reason for them and the reason for their name. There is no way in hell that you would have this glorious muffin top unless you got to bring in a wonderful creation of a child. I did do yoga and Pilate's for a couple of weeks, but then it was just too easy to go to bed at 9 pm after an exhausting day of screaming, ass wiping, and throw up. 
Then, I think - hey - I brought these 2 amazing ass kids into this world that make people happy and that I love more then life itself. Who the hell cares what I look like. I can wear a size smaller jean...and if pull them bad boys up far enough (not far enough for camel toe) then I can somewhat hide the muffin top. I have to admit, when I am out and about - I look for the moms with the muffin tops. I check to make sure that it doesn't look too bad. And most the time - it's not horrible, as long as they are making the muffin top look fashionable. And yes- if you are my friend and you have kids...I have checked out your muffin top too...don't feel bad - at least I am doing it to embrace my own! 


  1. Thank you for this it made me smile on this horrible Monday.

  2. No problem!! :) Thanks for taking the time to read it!

  3. How are you guys doing with this?? If you are still hungry all the time, try cutting out sugar (as much as you can) and upping your protein. You won't be hungry. Really!

    As for being 2 pounds heavier since Bella's been here... I gained weight after Macie too! AND it has been WAY harder losing weight than it even has before I had her. I guess having a baby messes all that up too! Blah. Since the New Year, I've been pretty hard core about it and have lost about 20 pounds. I still have 20-30 to go, but being "hard core" is an understatement. If I go off diet for even a DAY I gain a pound. Its so frustrating. I most definitely don't want to be on a diet my entire life... treating yourself on occasion is important! BUT, I do want to be healthy and see my grandbabies grow up. And, I have to say, I feel so much better now. I was definitely getting to the uncomfortable with no energy stage (not getting there, totally there).

    Anyway, I hope all is well! Are you still baking lots? I haven't in awhile... I need to get back on it! :)

    1. I love this Shauna! Were you pregnant yet and didn't know it at this time? Probably not, now that I try to do the math in my head...but you were on your way there! Weight will come off and losing 20 pounds in 4 months is awesome!! It comes off easier after the second baby ;) Good luck!!