Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some things change and some remain the same...

In January of 2009 I sort of started my blog by writing notes on my FB page. I didn't quite know just how to write a blog back then, but I was trying. I was scrolling through the few 'notes' that I had written. I wrote one entry about 25 random things about myself. It's funny how some things change and some things remain the same....

January 29, 2009
1. I love eating ice cream! Cookies are more my style now...
2. I rub my feet against the covers to fall asleep. I still do that...probably until I die!
3. I'm having an issue with my hair being greasy on the crown of my head! YUCK! Not anymore! These kids have stripped my hair of all the important nutrients and my hair is dry and frizzy!
4. I plan to be an Early Childhood Special Education about 2 years 4 1/2 years later I will be graduating with my Masters in Autism...with an endorsement in Early Childhood.
5.I hope my dog lives to be 101 years old. My dog did not live to 101. But he lived to 15 and he was a wonderful part of our family and we still miss him :/
6. I love the winter but it's been really, really cold this year! It's really, really cold again this year...yuck!
7. I would love to have five kids...but I don't know if I can get that many in before my bio clock breaks! I would still totally have 5 kids. Miguel would NOT. He's done at 3...but I am going to shoot for 4.
9. I think that we will probably have 300 people at our wedding! There were 340 people at our wedding. Over 3/4 of them did not have their green card and we partied like it was the last night on this Earth. 
10. I love to read and read! (When I have the time) Still love to read! More mommy porn then anything!
11. I don't need a lot of things, I just need love and food! Nothings changed there.
12. I want to work for a public school district! After my kids are in school, I want to work for a non-profit agency that helps parents with early intervention for their children.
13. My parents are the best anyone could ask for This has been proven even truer with my girls in the picture!
14. The smell of Miguel's farts could kill people! I have no idea how that man is still alive...something has crawled up his ass and died!
15. Beto makes me a better person. What can I say...he hasn't changed!
16. I worry about the polar bears and where they will live when all the ice melts What the hell was I smoking when I wrote that? I haven't thought about the polar bears since that I am working on helping the homeless/needy get essential supplies that everyone uses.
17. Smoking is so freakin nasty! Yuck - LOVE that public places are smoke-free! 
18. I dont' like to drink. Still don't drink...I have been the DD since I was 16
19. I wish I was a food network star! This couldn't be closer to the truth. My kitchen skills have flourished, at the likings of my husband!
20. I love our new apartment! Fireplaces rock! That apartment was cool but we had the neighbor from HELL! I was over zealous to get the hell out of there and into this house!
21. I wish I could get my hair that perfect red color! Still searching for the perfect color...I am box #66 right now...a shade of red
22. My belly hurts every day! My belly does not hurt every back does!
23. Joseph makes me never want to have kids...or at least kill them when they turn 15! Joseph still drives me insane..he has such potential...and I will KILL my kids if they act like him.
24. Miguel is DEAF! Man-o-man...what?
25. I can't believe we are getting married...FINALLY! We will be married for 3 years next month, together for 7 years and we have produced 2 beautiful girls and 1 fat Corgi.

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