Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter plastic ain't got nothin' on me!

So, it is our third winter in this wonderful money pit we call a home. For some reason, I though that we could brave the winter without plastic on our windows - MAN was I ever wrong! It is absolutely freezing in our house. The fact that our ceiling fans are still on low, due to my OCD, doesn't help either. I decided today, after waking up chilled to the bone for the third morning in a row to tackle our leaky windows.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with my plastic-putting-up skills. It has only taken 3 years with 12+ attempts, but I was able to get the windows in our rooms done in less then 40 minutes. There was no cussing, no tape mishaps, no burning holes into the plastic with the blow dryer, no broken nails, no problems at all!

Last year I had a bitch of a time. The window that we put into the family room when we moved in - yes, it was brand new, supposed to not leak...but it does - is humongo. It takes 2 of the standard window plastics or 3/4 of a patio door plastic. I had to use 2 standard window pre-cut plastics for it last year. What.a.bitch. First you have to tape one half of the window, then tape the other half making sure the plastic overlaps - and it was just a sticky mess. On top of that I couldn't get the backing off the tape on the top of the window and on the bottom the tape wouldn't stick to the window sill. In the process of 'shrinking' the plastic I wasn't watching what I was doing and touched the hair dryer to it and burned a hole in it. This causing me to have to do a patch job on the hole with more sticky tape and cutting plastic. It was a mess. An utter catastrophe. Maybe this is why I thought we could go without this year..hmmmm..

Anywho, this year was easy. The kids did get ahold of the roll of tape and took off, but I got it back in one piece. Now - I just have to do the family room window. Yea - the one from last year that was a pain in the ass. Maybe I can let the Hubbs do it when he gets home. Wait - I am woman...hear me roar. Tim the toolman ain't got nothin' on me...neither does this winter plastic!

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