Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nasty habits

My entire life I have had this horrible, nasty habit. I have done it all my life. I have had 2 bouts in my life that I have actually managed to stop. Right before I got married (for about 3 months) and while I was pregnant with Lilli (for about 6 months). This habit, which since becoming sort-of a germ-a-phob makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. I don't even know I am doing it. It is really a nervous habit. I do it no matter where I am. In public, in my house, and in front of people. 

My nasty habit? Biting my nails. OH-M-GEE. 

I have, once again, officially quit biting my nails. As of the new year, I have not bitten my nails. I always make sure that I have nail polish on - which may be a deterrent....cause who wants to look like trash with chipping nail polish? My nails are growing to the point that I need to get a manicure and get them trimmed a little. They are extremely LONG for me. For other people, it is probably a normal length . Here's what they look like now...

I am sort of obsessed with nail polish now, and try to do different designs on my nails, which usually looks like shit. However, whenever I feel the urge to chomp away, I put some lotion on and rub each one of my fingers nails and palms real well. I think that it is really an addiction that I am trying to battle here. It sounds dumb to someone who hasn't done it their entire life...but if it's this hard to break myself from biting my nails...could you imagine how hard it would be for me to stop doing crack? Not that I would touch crack with a 10 foot pole! But I think I have a 1/200th sample of how they feel....Well - here's to the new nails...and feel them as I click clack away on my laptop!

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  1. looking really really nice!!!

    i have always bitten my cuticles. i stopped when i had acrylic nails when i was in highschool. but once those were gone, i sort of started doing it from time to time (still). not nearly as bad as i used to be though.

    i think your strategy is a good one. usually if i notice myself picking at my cuticiles, i get out my trimmer and trim them asap. then i stop. lol.

    that's a tough one though because i totally understand what you mean about doing it without realizing it - especially if you are stressed about something!

    also, i can't stand chipped polish...because my mom burned it into our brains that chipped nail polish was gross and meant you had bad grooming, so now i'm psycho about not having chipped polish. thanks mom! lol.