Monday, January 21, 2013

Kitchen, kitchen - your a friggin mess!

I am always trying to organize this house and our lives easier. Most the time, it isn't so easy with the little ones leaving toys all over the place and dropping their snacks here and there. Not to mention, the hairy ass dog that sheds like it's a necessity for a Corgi-hair rug in every room. It's a never ending battle.  I have no idea how people work, raise babies, clean their house, cook dinner, etc. I appreciate every day the fact that I get to stay home, while the Hubbs brings in the money.

My first attempt at organization has been the girls toys. I have successfully gotten the living room toy-free. Most of the toys are in their rooms, however, we still have playland in our family room. At least, I have one room that is presentable!

After this, I realized that a very large portion of my day is spent in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake. I have really become quite the chef in the last year or so. This love of cooking has cause my cabinets to look like a nightmare of stacked bowls, pans, and pantry items shoved here and there. You know what that looks like...your kitchen is probably much like mine was. Don't lie. You have that bottom cabinet that is cast in darkness with tins and bowls stacked to the top.

My search of cabinet organization resulted in my wanting the new sleek pull out drawers. These drawers are beautiful! The smartest thing that I have seen in my life. Have you seen the corner cabinet drawers?
The person that invented this is a pure genius!

I also fell in l.o.v.e. with this little number.....

How awesome would my new pots and pans look on this? Super sexy...that's how they'd look!

The top picture would require getting all new cabinets, which is in our future. Not immediate future, but before we die future. The second picture was 129.00 at Lowes....on our shoe string budget that's not going to happen right now either. So, I searched and got a little creative and this is what I came up with. *I didn't take before pictures, because I was so excited about this I just jumped right into it.*

This is our bottom cabinet. When we moved in this lovely money pit, we moved a door and added cabinets for more storage. This is the cabinet my dad and cousin Chris made. I got the pan organizer for 11.99. I love that I can pull them out and put them back easily. No more taking the whole stack out, getting what I want, putting the stack back, and repeating after use. My pans are now stacked on a handy stacker. It was only 8.99!! How awesome is that?! I used a dish drainer to hold my pot/pan, which probably isn't the best use of space, but it makes them easy to access. I did see something that can be screwed on onto the side of the cabinet to hold them there, but I couldn't find it in the store. The bottom part is still not organized. I have my cake carries being held in place by a Pampered Chef stone (which I have owned for over a year and never used).

Directly above this homemade cabinet, is a store-bought cabinet that the Hubbs and my dad put up. It stores all of our snacks and some of our pantry items for the week. It was a MESS. There were things stacked on top of things. Chips getting crushed. Items forgotten about and it was just blah. I got an adjustable shelf for 11.00 and this was the result!

Now we can see what snacks we have and which ones we need. This will make my grocery shopping easier and allows for Lilli to get a better look at the selection of snack we have. 

Until I can have the kitchen of my dreams with all the drawers and real organization tools, this will have to do. I am pretty pleased and it should last the 15 years it will take to save for that new kitchen!

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