Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tasty Treats!

We have been eating some yummy thing lately. Some that I found on Pintrest and some that I have made up with what we had in our fridge.

One thing that I made and got 2 thumbs up from Nunna and Papa was a blueberry buckle. Oh my goodness! Go to this blog :  http://sugarandspice-celeste.blogspot.com and then put blueberry buckle in the search bar. It's a very dense coffee cake. This is seriously easy and yummy. I wasn't too sure if I was going to like the lemon zest in it, but it gave it just a little bit of bite that went well with the blueberries. The Hubbs of course did not like it. If it doesn't have 3 sticks of butter, peaches or apples in it, he's not eating it.

We were at lunch with Yaya (Lilli's Fairy Godmother), Nunna, Papa, Dada, and the girl when Yaya mentioned brownies made with a waffle iron. This peaked Hubbs interest very much. After lunch we stopped at Kroger and then went try it at Nunna and Papa's house. Yes - this idea is on Pintrest - It's not that hard to figure out. Make the brownie mix, then ladle some mix onto the waffle iron, close, cook, and viola! We had a mess up with the first one. Papa encouraged us to put 2 ladles of mix on the waffle. DONT do this! It burned and didn't cook all the way through. I don't know why we listened to him - he didn't even want one!

Now - this....this creamy delight that I wanted to rub all over my body is SO worth making every.single.week! OG's copy cat recipe. It was easy and we were fighting over the food. I added chicken to it. The only problem we had was heating up the leftovers. There is a LOT of butter in this and it separated and was not so yummy, so said the Hubbs. So - I don't know what can be done to remedy that, but this one is for the 18 thumbs up list!! Fine the recipe here.

I did make a insta-recipe. The Hubbs was working late, the girls ate their own dinner and I need to make something for just us. I wanted something quick and easy. I had a roll of seamless crescent dough in the fridge. I looked around and found ham lunchmeat and shredded mozzarella cheese. I opened up the dough and layered cheese, ham slices, and then cheese. I rolled it all up and then cooked it for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. When I pulled it out I sliced it up and LOVED it! It was warm and gooey and good! I know that making elaborate dinners every night can be taxing, so finding something that we both like that is fast and easy is like finding a four-leaf clover!

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