Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back in the COUPON game!

Hey Peeps....Last September I started couponing. I was in deep for a couple of months. Buying 10 papers a week, which seemed like excess but I only bought that many for a couple of weeks (when the shampoo/conditioner deals were excellent) and the rest I bought 2 or 3 a week.

I played the coupon game heavily for about 2 months. I got about 1,500 bucks worth of products for 250 bucks. I was on a roll. Then I had Isabella and it just became too much. However, all that couponing put us at a really good place for a year. I have given laundry detergent to many people. My stock on that is slowly dwindling down, and I will need to replace it soon, but I could be good for another two months and not have to buy any. I have toothpaste galore! My brother stocks up each time he comes to visit from California and I have given tubes out to friends and family as well as mouth wash. We don't use the stuff....but when it's free...why not give it to someone else. YES! I know I have to pay tax on it, but if someone else can use it...why not? And shampoo/conditioner...lets not go there...I have enough Pantene, Dove, and Tresemme to last me another year.

So - I have taken a full year off. Isabella just turned a year old last week and I decided to get back in the game. You see, the goal is to get the coupons, hold on to them for a couple of weeks and then use them with deals that the different stores have going on. Only - I haven't been storing any coupons up. Well, luckily for me - you can print coupons off the internet that have usually been on there for a couple of weeks.

I started off looking at my favorite websites:

CVS was having a great deal on Special K this week - it was B1G1Free and there were 2.00 off of 2 box coupons on the net so I got right on that! I also noticed that on the CVS Minute Clinic FB page they were sending out coupons for a free lotion. (They do this about once or twice a year.) So I went on and got one. I noticed that you could go back multiple times and put in another email address. So I sent myself 3 free lotion coupons and was excited to land me some new stuff.

I went off to CVS and here is a picture of my booty, that I ended up paying .93 cents for!!!!

Now - I was expecting to pay $3.98, however, they didn't have the lotions in stock. The manager said that I could get hand sanitizer instead of the lotion. Here's where I made some money off of the sanitizer. The coupons for the lotion were for a max of $2.71. I could have gotten any size item from that line of products but it would only comp me $2.71. Well, turns out the hand sanitizer - WYB 3 are $4.98! So, they were covering $8.13 of product but what I was buying was only $4.98. So I made, $3.15 - which went towards the Special K - making my total .93!!! I was so excited :) I called Hubbs and my mom!

I did go to Rite Aid also for some deals. They had Dove Men's Body Wash and Right Guard Deodorant on special. Also Hershey Kisses :)
For $5.13 I got:
4 - Dove Men's Body Wash
2 - Right Guard Deodorants
2 - Bags of Hershey kisses :)
I did have to spend 12.13 but I got 7.00 back in UpRewards which I will have to spend next week.

Yes - this is an investment folks. I understand that some people wouldn't think of this as saving. My mom is into deals that are low OOP costs, but I know that in the long run - I am getting these things for cheap and am LOVING it! So, it's back on people - bring it!

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