Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 2 in the books

Day 2 of PT is gone and done. Thank.the.Lord. The morning started out rough. Lilli cried, no in fact she screamed when I had her sit on the potty for a morning squat. She was not having any part of even sitting on the potty. I thought...I am so screwed! So we put new underwear on and I distracted her with breakfast. She ate really well this morning. She drank lots of milk. I knew she needed to go.

My friend Shannon called to see how things were going with PT and I told her this morning's predicament. She mentioned that maybe she felt intimidated by the bathroom or that she didn't want to miss anything going on and to move the potty to the family room.

I thought - I SO did NOT want to do that. I had went through this battle in my head before we even started PT. I thought - I am not going to be one of those people with a potty in the living room. Well, guess what - once again - I am a hypocrite. (There seems to be a pattern going on here, with this parenting thing I am doing :p)

Miguel left for work, as I brought the potty into the family room. I sat her down on the potty, wrapped a blanked around her, put the iPad in her lap, and said, "Go pee pee." Seriously, 2 minutes later she looked up at me and said, "I done." FOR REAL?!?!?! I helped her stand up and there was a full on pee in there. Not just a dribble. Full on just woke up leak. I was so happy! We danced around and sang. I offered her a Kit Kat (this is her reward) she said, "No." grabbed the iPad and played on it.

Yes, this is the middle of the family room, who cares she PEED in the potty!
I did not set that DAMN timer on the stove today. The buzzing gave me such a headache yesterday that I was bound and determined to watch her for cues. Of course, after this first time of peeing in the potty she has 3 accidents in a row. I knew that we were getting somewhere, because with each accident she got upset. Throughout the day, she went pee in the potty 6 times. She did have about 10 accidents, they didn't phase us though.

I have seriously NEVER done as much laundry as I have done today. I just got an email that said more undies are on their way to the house via USPS and they can't get here fast enough. 16 pairs of underwear is NOT enough to start PT. Just word to the wise...make sure that you have at least 25-30. I knew that it seems like a lot. A couple of accidents in a row, along with them trying to poop "undetected" adds to the accident count.

Speaking of "undetected" pooping....she waited until I was eating lunch to attempt #2. I looked over and she was smooshed between the couch and Christmas tree with the Angry Bird face on, staring at the T.V. like she was in a trance. I said, "OH, are you going poo poo?" She immediately started crying. {Which tells me she knows, she is supposed to be going somewhere else!!!} It was a funny moment now that I think about it. I calmed her down and she waved bye bye to it when we flushed it. When #2 happens on it's own in the toilet....I will buy her a car. For real.

My gift of advice to all those parents out there getting ready to PT:
Seriously watch your child. Sit next to them most of the day. I missed a couple of opportunities because I was on Facebook {horrible parent moment #284}. You can try a schedule, but your child may not adhere to it. It really depends on how much they drink and eat during the day. Some kids have trouble going #2 on their own in their diaper. The added pressure of doing it in the potty might add to the stress. Make sure they are comfortable. BE THAT PARENT. Put the potty anywhere they will use it. Don't move it around constantly, but place it somewhere you can be successful. I would suggest using pull ups/diapers for nap and nighttime to start off. We are actually using Huggies  slip-ons. They are a little cheaper and the coupons for them were a higher value. (Once again....I am cheap). I am sure that my wisdom will grow, and you know me - I will share, share, share!

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