Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekly Menus of the past.....

Okay - I have to be honest...making myself sit down and do this menu is horrible. My girls are constantly interrupting me, and if I try to do it when they are asleep - I lose stamina and fall asleep myself or start reading a new smut book then its all over!

So - for the new year - I am going to try and blog on Sunday what we have eaten that past week. I won't be doing the entire week - but I will be posting recipes that I used that were a hit with everyone. I hate posting a recipe that I haven't tried because they can turn out the cheeseburger noodle dish that I made...yuck, yuck, yuck! So - never fear...I will post good food - just a week after we have eaten it! I hope you all have good food for the next couple of days! I will be with my parents and kiddies, since the Hubbs has to work! 


  1. blogging should be fun :) i say blog whatever makes you happy, whenever it makes you happy :)

  2. That's how I feel! So...I am switching it up! I want to help people get new ideas for meals, but I want to have them be Hubbs and kid tested before!