Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year!

The New Year is upon us and I once again wonder if I should make a resolution. How many people actually follow through with them? I try to make at least one and stick to it. However, my foggy no-sleep mommy brain can't remember what I decided on for 2012. Maybe I should write it down? Mmmm...I would probably just end up losing it anyway, or Bella would eat it.

I did make some good changes in 2012. Due to having extremely high blood pressure, due to a pint size human being that would love to still be in my uterus, I started eating right and dropped 30 pounds along with the BP pills. I have relaxed somewhat about worrying about money. Hubbs would say - yeah, f***ing right. But I think I am better about it. Wait - I was just redoing our budget this morning. Maybe that one isn't true :/ I did learn how to cook this year. I have made some absolutely DELISH dishes. I have become obsessed with Pinterst.....(maybe that should be one resolution for next year...give that up? NEVER!)

I have maintained a whole year with seeing one of my good friends at least once a month. I know that sounds lame, but time really does fly. Especially with those people that are close to you and love you. You know those people that you can go without seeing for months and then just pick back up one day. I want to see those people more often. Yeah - that's a good resolution.

Now, let me talk about the of my girls' resolutions. Yes - they will have them. I am going to make them. Isabella's first and biggest resolution is to sleep through the ENTIRE night. I mean the entire. No waking up to be rocked, fed, or to talk to me. That chick is going to sleep through the entire night if it kills me. Oh, wait - it is. Slowly. One sleepless night at a time. Lilliana is going to stop being a B.R.A.T, the entire time of the terrible 2's will not be horrible. We will not have any more throw downs about leaving some place or other people leaving where we are. Oh, we should add that she's not going to throw shit when she's mad either. That girl has got a badddd temper! Oh, weeeee!

Well - I am sure I could think of a ton that I will never stick to or forget within the first couple of weeks.  Are you making any? Do you stick to them? What ever you do this new year, I hope that it's a good one and that your family has good health! Happy New Years and drink responsibly!!


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  2. i used to make multiple resolutions, and then i realized that that is totally nuts. i'd have to look back at my blog and see if i posted them lol.

    mine i just posted today - to prioritize having fun! :)

  3. Having fun should be the #1 in everyone's life. Life is seriously too short!!