Monday, December 3, 2012

Bring on the POTTY!

Tomorrow is THE day....we are starting to potty train this princess.

I am hopeful that things will go well and she will be potty trained in no time! BAHAHAHAHA 
Well - I did say I was hopeful right? I think that this will be the biggest challenge parenting thus far. Getting up in the middle of the night was peanuts compared to the battle of wills this child has. 

Don't get me wrong - she is ready. She tells us when she poops. She throws her diapers away. She even tells us if it's just pee. Like for real chick? If you can tell me if you went #1 or #2 your ass is going to be doing your business in the toilet! 

I am not really worried about her catching on. She is extremely bright (if I say so myself...she gets that from my side). It's not HER I am worried's DADDY that may be the problem. This man, who has been Daddy for over 2 years now is not very well trained himself. Wait - he doesn't go in his pants or require diapers or anything...but he HATES changing diapers. I can only imagine the first time she pees and it's running down her leg and he has to clean her up. Or worse yet, the first time he is alone with her and she poops in her underwear....that is going to be fucking EPIC! I can just see him gagging now. He has the weakest stomach ever. Which I don't know how that is really possible since he eats all that nasty ass mexican food with cow tounge and stomach lining and shit. 

So wish us luck! If you have any advice, words of encouragement, or funny stories please share...I think I will for SURE need a drink or large brownie sundae by the end of this week!

Oh - did you know how EXPENSIVE little kid underwear is? For real? Their asses aren't even that big! It should be like 50 cents a pair! Not 7 pairs for 11 bucks...I know you can get them cheaper but that was for Dora man...everyone wants to pee and poop on Dora!

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