Friday, December 14, 2012

WHY dear Lord?

As I sit here watching my girls play, I wonder how such senseless things can happen. The minute I heard about the tragedy in Newton, CT, my heart broke. As the day went on and the reports rolled in and announced that out of the 28 that were dead - 20 were students - mostly a kindergarten class, my heart absolutely shattered. Those poor babies. How frightened they must have been. I cannot even fathom......

I have been a mess all day. Calling my mom and crying to her as I held my babies tight and kissed them. The thought has seriously passed my mind to home school. I know that is fear talking - but I thought about it. (If we can afford it - it might just happen.)

Then I looked at the final recap on  and they have that his mom (the teacher) was already killed at his house. Then WHY in the world did he go to that school and kill those innocent children and staff members? WHY dear Lord? Why did it happen? I am sure that is a question that almost everyone in the world is asking themselves.

I often complain of not getting enough sleep, dealing with screaming kids all day, and my loathing of cleaning. Well - let me tell you. This put my woes in place. Nothing could be as tragic as losing one or both of our children.

I pray that everyone that has lost someone today in CT. is surrounded by people who will support them no matter what. I hope that in days, months, years to come they will be able to look back on their child's and loved ones lives and know what amazing, beautiful people they were. That not only did they make a difference in their own lives, but made me think about things differently. My heart bleeds for those parents. I weep for those dreams and little lives lost that will never happen.

6 staff members lost their lives protecting the children that they taught. How courageous of them. I don't know how they put their own lives before others. The teachers that shoved their students into closets and bathrooms - you saved their lives. I can't imagine the thoughts that went through their heads.

And the kids that died today. Oh, most of them kindergarteners. Just starting out in school. Learning your numbers and ABCs. How much of your lives you had left! You, little ones, will not be forgotten. Each and everyone of you will be thought about often and by many. May you be at the right hand of God and feel comfort in him. You sweet, sweet innocent children. May the Lord bless your souls.

20 kids didn't come home from school today.

As we often say when something tragic happens, hug your loved ones tonight and be thankful for each day that you have with them. May God bless the families and people affected by this horrendous tragedy that happened today.

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