Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It Works! It WORKS!

Hello fellow mommies, wives, and dirty shirt wearing people! I have to announce that the homemade Oxi-Clean that I made WORKS! I am going to save a million dollars in cleaning supplies and clothing!!!
I am doing a test blog to show you that it really works but that won't be done until's gotta sit in the peroxide-baking soda-water mixture for 24 hours. I am thinking that depends on how bad the stain is and how long it's been on the clothing. I had a shirt of Isabella's that was wrecked. It was super cute with birdies on it. I loved it, and kept having her wear it at home because it cost me $5 bucks! (I know...I'm cheap)
I tried the homemade Oxi-clean version the day prior and left it in it with 2 other shirts for a couple of hours but it just brightened up white of the shirt. It didn't seem to even touch the stain. Well - I tried again yesterday, I made the concoction and let it sit in it (by itself) for a whole 24 hours. This morning - before the girls were up I started laundry and looked at the shirt and the stain was completely gone!!!!
 The stains of chocolate milk were all around the front collar and on the right sleeve cap...I loved this picture and wanted to cry!

Super clean!!! 

It turned out GREAT and the color on the sleeves or the appli-kay wasn't damaged in any way!
I am so excited. I made a double batch for the test blog and put 5 shirts in's hoping I can do some testifying for ya'll! Check back tomorrow to see my hard work!

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