Saturday, December 8, 2012

Potty Training BUST!

Well, I am sad and slightly disturbed to tell you that we have stopped PT. We had a good 2 1/2 day run at it, however on that third day, in the evening, everything went to shit. Almost literally. She usually goes #2 twice a day, sometimes more. Since Tuesday, she has only gone once a day, and at best - only a little bit. She was holding it in....HORRIBLE thing to do.

Thursday evening, was the first day that she pooped on the potty. It was a horrible, heart wrenching, sad experience. She cried the entire time then completely transformed into the Bride of Chuckie. She started hitting us and scratching us and freaked out even in the bathtub, which she usually loves. Her freak out lasted about 15 minutes. That's a long time. A really long time.

Friday started off just as bad. She hadn't went potty at night for 2 nights now. She, once again, was freaking out when she sat on the toilet. So, to get her mind off it we put a pull up on now and went out for the day. Keeping her busy seemed to help. I decided to throw in the towel when we got home and she had only peed a little bit in the pull up after 3 hours! I don't want her to get a UTI, and it's my fear that it's already happened. When we got home from shopping, after a big throw down on the potty (with her ending up in my arm crying and peeing on me), I decided it just wasn't time yet.

I put her back in diapers and for the rest of the evening, at home, she would cry when she would pee in the diaper and we had the blow out of the universe happen. Now, here comes my concern about the UTI. Every single time she goes she whines or cries out. However, the girls went to Nunna and Papa's last night for a couple of hours and the whole time she was there she didn't make a peep and peed in 2 diapers. So, I have to wonder if it's just because she's at home and she has it in her mind that she is having an accident or if she is in pain. Today, we are going to family fun lunch and then we will be at Nunna and Papa's until the Hubbs gets out of work.  I am hopeful that she will be okay and that it's just her being worried that she is going to have an accident.

Things I have learned about my child from this tragic training:
1. She is super smart. It only took 1 full day for her to realize that peeing in your pants was not a good idea.

2. She is going to be the kid that I just have to look at and tell her, "I am disappointed in you." and it's going to break.her.heart. I never once yelled, got upset, or punished her during this training. I talked in a Glenda the Good Witch voice the entire time and she was still super hard on herself.

3. She's a time we try this, it will be easier. I know that I don't have to ask her every 30 minutes. She knows when she has to go.

4. She is a reward driven child. Not candy/sweet driven, but prize driven. I have a Hello Kitty bag full of prizes waiting for her when she is ready.

5. She truly LOVES Dora. She even tried to sit on the big potty just to sit on her Dora seat.

6. She likes to flush the toilet.

7. I love her more for this.

PT isn't supposed to be easy, I realize this. Though, it's not supposed to be so traumatic.

My poor first forever test Guinea pig :/

I have also learned that people can drive me absolutely bat-shit crazy. I am not pioneering a new frontier on PT a 2 year old. Many 2 year olds are potty trained and this is usually (between 24-30 months) the time when people start. A friend, of a friend was MORTIFIED that I was starting PT when Lilli is just 24 months. To her, I say - it's not about if your child is too young or too old. There are 3 and 4 year olds that are not ready, would she say that that those children are too old? Of course, she would - stupid cow. And - no I am not speaking of anyone that I know personally or that I have asked advice from.

This is a person that doesn't even live in this state - who feels that her opinions need to be expressed through state lines. She told my friend to tell me - that I was damaging my child by starting so young. That she was going to be scared for life. you over opinionated stupid cow.

Nunna has always told me from DAY 1 that this is my child - the wonderful thing is that I can do what I like, make the decisions I want for her and she is all mine. I am NOT a bad mom for trying, I don't have to explain my actions or parenting to anyone. I do what I think is best for my child, just like everyone else. So sod off!

Now, that I ranted...I would like to thank everyone that I have called, emailed, or got in touch with about PT. You all have been really helpful in this process and much love!

I tell this story so that you can benefit from it. If you know someone that is PT or are PT your own child, make sure that you realize that they may be physically ready (i.e. holding it, expressing needing to have their diaper changed, hiding when they go) but not emotionally ready. I think that this will set us back a little bit and I hope and pray that next time will be easier.  Hell at this point - Isabella and baby #3,4,5,6 are going to be in diapers until they goes to College...that's why they make adult diapers right?!

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