Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Different in so many ways....

A child will eat when they get hungry right? That's what I have been chanting in my head over and over for the past couple of days. My 2 year old won't eat anything. She hasn't shown any signs of being sick. No belly aches, excess pooping, or extra sleeping. I am pretty sure that she is living off of milk, m&ms, and an occasional cracker.

We have tried everything the past couple of days to get her to eat. We have played the airplane game and cooked all her favorites, still nothing. I don't get it. I often wonder if it's just the fact that she is drinking so much milk. The girls go through 4 gallons of milk a week. No, I'm not kidding. I honestly thought that wouldn't happen until they were much older. The fact that they both just drink milk or water is probably part of the milk issue. Isabella will drink juice, in fact she eats and drinks EVERYTHING. There isn't a thing that has passed that girls lips that she just doesn't absolutely love.

It has always amazed me how children from the same gene pool can be so different. This quandary grows more now that I have my own children. They for the most part complete opposites. Isabella loves to cuddle. I will hold her in my arms until she leaves for college, and I am pretty sure that even when she comes back on break - she will be on my lap again! Lilliana hates to be held on to. If she could have it her way she would do the 3 second hug to everyone and then go on her way exploring where she is at. Bella feels that sleep is a novel idea. It's only necessary for minimal amounts of sleep here and there. Lilli is the best sleeper in the universe! She sleeps 12-13 hours each night and takes a 2 hour nap each day. Bella loves animals - ALL animals. Lilli can take or leave our dog. She hates cat and squirrels. These are just a few of their differences. Ones that you can notice when you spend some time around them.

However, it is their differences that make them so special in their own right. It would be boring if they were both the same right? I would always know what to expect. I love that Lilli is obsessed with Dora & Diego. She loves the iPad and has ALWAYS played on her own. She has trouble sharing, but I am hoping that improves with time. Isabella is very independent and only speaks when necessary. I wish that she would speak more - I know that she will start using more language when she wants to and is ready to. It's the sped teacher in me that worries and checks them over with the "list" of what they should be doing by now, to make sure they are hitting those milestones. Which I find funny, since I know in my mind - that every child has their own learning curve.

With how different my girls are - they do have some similarities. One being the love that they have for one another. I am so excited to see them grow and learn from each other. I know there were be times that they are being hateful to each other, but in the end - they are still sisters. They will be there for one another their whole entire lives. I am so happy - now that I haven't been pregnant for 2 consecutive years that we have them both.

Many people have criticized me for having my children so close and still wanting to have more. I have been told to let my body rest, blamed for my preclampsia, and tons of other things that people feel should be stated. However, this is our life - our family. We will add to as we like. We will have 15 kids if we want, all one after another. Children are an amazing gift. The biggest miracles in this world. The love that we get from them and the love that we have for each other because of them is unexplainable. So, before you comment on how someone else lives or how many children they have or don't have. Realize, that they have their own lives and live it how they feel they should. Don't judge, and try to hold your tongue. Just think, before you speak!

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  1. 1. holy sh*t that's a lot of milk!

    2. having a sister is THE BEST THING EVER! yay sisters!

    3. i like the idea of having them back to back like you did!!!